The 2014 Run Melbourne Half Marathon Race Recap

It may have been darkest before the dawn at the start of this year’s Run Melbourne Half Marathon (start time of 7am, geeez!!) but the weather couldn’t have been more accommodating.


ULUR Brother #1’s Game Face. He told me he was ‘focussing’ on the race. Must have worked – he clocked in at under 2 hours. Not bad for zero training!

I think by the time we finished the race it was about 14 degrees, and sunny. For Melbourne that is about as good as it’s going to get in the middle of winter.

 As I said in an earlier post, this was the first time I’ve ever run a race with both ULUR sister and ULUR brother # 1, so I was very excited!

ULUR Brother #1 is super quick…

wave start RM

…so he left us for a faster wave while we faffed around up the tailend of the line, waiting for the horn to sound and the sun to come up.

At about 7:15 our wave finally left, taking off towards Flinders St Station from just outside the Arts Centre.

rm start

Thanks Chris for these two pics, mine were so dark they show nothing, lucky the City of Melbourne left the streetlights on for us!

As we tootled along past Southgate and the Casino the sun began to break through the gloom and the TV crew choppers began hovering around the city. I know they were keeping an eye on the elites at the front, but it still makes me feel like a special snowflake to run at a race that has film crews in helicopters. (Makes a nice change from when I am out driving and hear choppers and assume it is the Police and they are after me even though I have not done anything wrong because I am paranoid like that).

I was a little worried about ULUR sister, because she had ‘done’ her groin the week before, going too hard on a hilly run with another friend. But hey, we’ve ALL been there, feeling so good the week before a race you just can’t resist leaving your best work back on a training run. In the end she kept me to a very even pace which was probably why I felt really good the whole way and never once felt like killing Past René for entering me in the race.

Highlights of the day included:

  • Seeing Craig Mottram whizz past us twice on a loopy bit where the 10K course crossed ours (he won in a blazing time of 29:27!).

craig mottram 10k

I will admit to having a little bit of a crush on this fellow, plus he’s so tall. Swoon!

  • Running my first half and full marathon within the same month
  •  And of course – seeing my sister run the furthest she has ever run – with an injury no less!

gayle rm

Go Gayle!! (a Marathon is next right??)

rene rm

Finishing time for both me and Gayle – 2:26 (hey, we beat both Lego man AND Wonderwoman, not bad for a couple of sisters)

Afterwards we all went back to my place and drank some lovely champagne, ate copious amounts of food, then (in my case at least) had a nap.

After THAT I beached myself on the couch and watched the amazing Michael Shelley win the 2014 Commonwealth Games Men’s Marathon.

Mike shelley Marathon

Take that Kenyans!! What a legend!!

All of which added up to an absolutely perfect day if you ask me.

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