It’s not that easy…


Everyone has negative people in their lives, and in spite of the many articles out there that supposedly tell you how to prune these people from your social circle, sometimes it’s just not possible.
Maybe they’re a co-worker, a relative,  a mutual friend you can’t avoid, or, god forbid even a partner.
Case in point – my hubby can get quite negative and pessimistic sometimes and I consider it my wifely duty to rip his head off, remove all traces of depression and screw it back on again.
There is usually some yelling involved. He appreciates it later, I’m sure.

Anyway, I was thinking on my run the other day about that good old co-worker from my last post who, I swear to God, seems to be getting worse the longer I work here.
I was trying to figure out a way to deal with her. Runs are one of the best thinking times I have each week and quite often result in epiphanies I could never have dreamed of. While I didn’t come up with any revelations regarding how to deal with her pessimism (except continue to ignore her, which is actually quite effective) I did end up pondering something she quite often says to me:

“It’s not that easy…”

“Why don’t we try running a search for this part in the database?” I’ll say.

“It’s not that easy…”

“What about ringing Mr Factory Manager and asking him where he last saw it?”

“It’s not that easy…”

“I’ll just learn a few basic Swiss-German words for my work trip to Switzerland.”

“It’s not that easy…”

Well it kind of IS. It’s as easy as bloody well trying!

I’m the sort of person who, when I am presented with a problem, tends to choose a course, dive right in and try to fix it. If that course doesn’t work I change tack, trying another angle, or another. It doesn’t matter to me that I get it ‘wrong’ the first 3 times as long as the problem is solved in the end.

This woman? She’s the worst procrastinator I’ve ever seen. She is perpetually afraid of making a mistake, or being perceived as wrong or stupid, which means that she often holds back on starting projects for so long that she then gets reprimanded for not doing her work.


Funnily enough she doesn’t like Facebook as she considers it ‘too distracting’. Luckily there are more than enough cat pictures freely available on the internet to satisfy her need for a diversion…

As you can imagine, our joint tasks can result in severe forehead trauma to both of us from all the butting of heads that’s involved.


Yeah…I’m probably the one on the right…

I just can’t understand it. As far as I am concerned it doesn’t matter where you start, just start!

More than anything else though, the thing I have the biggest problem with is that whether it’s a personal or work related subject, all she ever seems to see are the reasons why it won’t work.
Now that’s par for the course for negative people, but the thing I couldn’t really understand was why people assume things should be easy. Or that you should only try something if you’re sure you can do it.

Where’s the fun in that?

What possible excitement is there in a life where you know exactly what you’re doing tomorrow and whether or not you will achieve it?

I need challenges that keep me awake at night, worrying I won’t be ready. Challenges that I have no idea if I can achieve. Challenges that make people say “but why would you want to do that?”

Why? Because easy is boring. Easy is unsatisfying. Easy is flat-lining your way through life.

I guess not everyone loves to do things to the extreme. Moderation and persistence is not to be sniffed at, you’ll get a long way by carefully plodding along. And I do realise that sporadic anything won’t get you far.

BUT, what about the ‘extreme’ of really focussing on one thing to achieve something you never thought was possible? That’s what I am interested in.


Wise words from Bruce Lee…

Scrap last year. That’s gone, it was a wash but so what? We’re in 2015 and it’s time to make some plans.

So far this is what 2015 looks like to me:

Feb 22nd – Sri Chinmoy Yarra Boulevard 10km

March 15th – Marondah Dam Trail run 30km

June 27th – Surfcoast Trail Marathon – 43 ish km (I plan on coming back an SMASHING this one this year!!)

October 25th – Ned Kelly Chase – 50km (what all the rest are leading up to, my first ‘real’ Ultra)

For one reason or another, none of these things will be easy. And you know what? That’s exactly why I chose to do them.

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