36 days til the Surf Coast Trail Marathon

I have no idea how it got so close to race day without me realizing it, but we’re almost 5 weeks out and I haven’t run since last Saturday.
Winter isn’t even really here in Melbourne yet, so I wasn’t expecting to be felled by a cold for some time.
I got one anyway. Coughs, wheezing, exhaustion, headaches. It’s been a blast.
I first realized something was wrong when I attempted to do a massively hilly run at Mt D last weekend. I felt okay, but nowhere near as good as I thought I would feel. I figured once I was bombing back down those hills all the cobwebs would get blown away. But no. I plodded along feeling as though my legs were made of wood. I kept pushing because I am stubborn. Hey, I’d driven for half an hour to get there, gone to bed early on a Friday night and – even worse – got up early on a Saturday morning to do this. It was going to get done.
Unfortunately, as usual, my body doesn’t listen to my mind all that much. By the time I hit the 9k mark my legs didn’t feel wooden anymore, they felt like water, then they felt like they were numb. Then I started feeling lightheaded. Then I thought I’d better go home.
Berating myself for being soft I cheered up marginally when I found out I’d managed nearly 500mt of ascent in that 9k. Not bad.
Then I started coughing.

Well it’s all been downhill from there. Pun intended. I’d laugh if it wouldn’t make me hack up a lung for the next 5 minutes.

I spent the next 3 days alternately panicking about losing fitness and bargaining with my body.
I’ll go to bed early if you’ll just be well tomorrow body. Ok?
I’ll have a green smoothie AND a  bath AND a Berocca if you will just stop coughing lungs. Ok?
I’ll skip my run on Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Even Tuesday, I swear. So, you all better now?
Body said no.

Wednesday was spent at home in bed (as was Sunday mind you) and at most I’ve done a few rounds of squats and Pushups, and that’s it.

But it’s okay, I’m feeling better for real this afternoon. Just, you know, stay out of my way cos I’m super grumpy. You’re just lucky it’s a Friday or i might have to kill someone.
And I still have 5 weeks left. That means I can take it easy for the next few days and really, properly, get better, and then build up a mini mountain of mileage over the next 3 weeks, and still have 2 weeks left to taper.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from trying to train through being sick it’s that my body just can’t recover if I train through illness.
Some people can. They can run with a cold or burn the candle at both ends, but I just can’t.
It really pisses me off (which is why you will find me repeatedly doing too much even though I know it wears me out), but I am going to be SMART this time. Oh yes.

I swear.
I think.
I have a plan.
Instead of doing 27k tomorrow which I think would likely kill me, I will do it over the next 3 days. 5 tonight, 12 tomorrow and 10 the next day.

Okay body? Okay??

Wish me luck!

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