Girls ski trip!

I know, I know, I haven’t updated for ages, I have been running too much, I swear! That’s what next post is about.

This one is a just a quick catch up on my week away skiing with my friend Justine, daughter Jamie and niece Nikki. 20160903-ratbags-on-day-one

Girls road trip!

We left for Cooma on the Saturday so I could break the drive up into 2 days and be able to get out on the slopes for the free half day you get when you buy a 5 day pass.

The ski season in Australia is really on its last legs by the time you get to September, but if you time it right you can often get the best of both worlds. Big dumps of snow followed by warmish spring days are worth the risk of less than excellent snow cover.

We stayed in Smiggin Holes, which is a bit lower than Perisher, and it was looking very sad indeed:


But Perisher was fantastic!

20160905-at-the-top-of-the-freedom-quad-guthegaPlenty of snow…

12 degrees (or more!)  most days


and great company!

20160905-the-girls-on-the-way-over-to-guthegaJamie and Nikki on the way over to Blue Cow

20160906-juz-jamieJuz and Jamie on the Pretty Valley Double chair

20160907-nikki-waiting-for-me-to-finish-my-ciderNikki waiting patiently for me to take her back out over ‘the bumps’ after lunch

By the end of the week our legs were trashed (I don’t normally get to ski 8 hours a day at Perisher, due to either weather mostly – or overdoing it on the schnapps at night!), the snow was disappearing fast and a massive stormfront was on its way over:


So we left early on friday and got out of there, with a stopover this time at Merimbula for a quick relax by the seaside.


Although I did manage to get out for two runs at Cooma:

20160904-nannygoat-hill-coomaThe view from on top of Nannygoat Hill

By the time we got to Merimbula I was DEAD. My legs were so trashed from pushing melting snow around the mountain all week I could barely walk to dinner, and that night we all slept for 11 hours. Obviously my planned run then did not eventuate…But we sure gave our skis a good workout and I got to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the world once again…20160905-view-from-the-blue-cow-terminal

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