My answer to those that ask: ‘But how can you get up SO early just to run?’


Last night I had the worst time getting to sleep. My brain was running at a million miles an hour and every second thought was ‘skiingskiingskiingskiing’. We’re going on a family ski trip this weekend and there is a LOT to organise before we leave.

It has been a shocker of a ski season so far this year. The end of August is usually the beginning of the end for the Australian ski season. I took a risk that the snow would fall late this year (as it has for the past few years) and we’ve been richly rewarded.

Falls Creek, and to a lesser degree Mt Buller, are looking fantastic.


Falls Creek this morning

My Facebook feed is filling up with posts from others already on the slopes, deep in the Big White, having fun without me. Only 2 more sleeps and I too will be carving up the corduroy. Heaven help hubby and the daughter if they prevent me from getting out on first lift!!

 I love skiing even more than I love running. So at the moment it would be fair to say my excitement levels are sitting somewhere between a 3 year-old on Christmas Eve and that time I got to touch Bruce Springsteen on the arm during his concert at Hanging Rock earlier this year.


We were in the front standing area, as close as you could get. His encores included Dancing in the Dark and Tenth Avenue Freeze Out. It was one of the greatest nights of my life!

Anyway, so I did my usual count to 10 and breathe deeply thing to calm myself. It took quite a few tries but eventually it worked and I fell asleep. I know it was fairly late by the time this happened, but I didn’t look at the clock so I will pretend I got the full 8 hours.


In what seemed like no time the alarm went off at 5:30 and I tried my usual roll over and go back to sleep trick, but my legs were itching to run. So I eased myself out of bed, careful as always not to alert my brain as to what was happening, and got out the door asap.

In my rush to do this I completely forgot to check what my training plan called for. I knew it would have been a speed workout though, so I decided to just cane* it for the majority of the run.

I felt fantastic. My legs had forgotten all about the plodding 30ks done on Saturday and were totally keen to pump out a speedy 7.5k.


The moon, a streetlight and a magnolia tree. Super dark at 5:55am

It was dark out, but with no chill in the air I couldn’t care less. It was 10 degrees! That’s like, sub-tropical right?

 (As it turns out, I had actually planned a slow 7k to recover from the long run, so it just shows you, sometimes it’s not a good idea to follow your training plan to the letter!)

After a winter of running rugged up in beanies, gloves, thermal tights and slickers, getting out there in capris pants  and a top felt so free. Maybe that’s why I flew.

 First tune from my little radio box was the new Empire of the Sun song, DNA. Love that. And the moon was still out. Doggies were exploring with their nightlight collars on to warn me of their presence and it seemed like half my neighbourhood had decided to run this morning too, which is always nice – makes me feel less exposed and unsafe, running in the dark as I am.

One by one the streetlights winked out and up came the sun, spreading pinky-orange rays across the sky. The Nosebleed Section by Hilltop Hoods got me through the last undulating section before home, then I slowed to a cool down walk.


By the time I got home I was wide awake and so chirpy you would’ve wanted to slap me.

I had no real idea what the purpose of this post was going to be about when I started it, not that I really need one (hey, I wouldn’t bother having a blog if I didn’t love to hear myself talk!) but I think I’ll have to tag this under ‘motivation’.

Because, just imagine, I would have missed out on all that ^^ if I had actually gone back to sleep this morning.


*For the purposes of this blog, ‘cane it’ means any pace under 6 min/km

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