It’s all about perspective

Today’s run really made me wonder about what our minds are capable of, and reminded me of the power we have to change the way we think.

I had an easy 15k on the cards that was never really  going to be easy – because it’s the longest distance I’ve ever had to squeeze in before heading off to work in the morning.

So I guess in my mind I had made it out to be a Big Deal, even if I pretended it wasn’t.

I had to get up at 5 on the dot and not muck around at any point to even have a hope of getting to work on time.

As usual I was extremely well organised* and worked out which route to take last night, after 3 glasses of red wine and while watching Breaking Bad (Series 5, episode 12. Go Jesse!!).
Seeing as I employed such forethought and planning you may be surprised to find that I was not best prepared for the reality of today’s run.

By which I mean – OWWWW. Hills! Sooooo many hills. And that was before we got to Wattle Park, which has more hills. When will I remember: hills always look a lot easier on paper than they do when you’re staring up at them in real life!


Hill number 1…

So it was dark, and it was hard, and it was slow, but I decided to just go with it and try to enjoy taking things at a slower pace for once.


 Also, did you know it’s nearly Christmas?  Even though it’s still September? Urge to kill…rising…

And I did. I enjoyed the hell out of the downhills,


and the cutie pie birds



I just took this photo because I wanted a rest

and the beautiful surrounds, and the sunrise, and the excellent music on the radio.

But my brain kept dragging me back to fixate on the bad things.

My frozen hands, the three cobwebs I’d run through and that were now embedded in my hair along with possible Enormous Spiders. The two magpies that swooped me, that insane dwarf dog trying to tear itself off its leash, run across four lanes of traffic and shred my ankles.

Never mind that I had no niggles, or that I was running 15k after 6 hours sleep and a few too many wines; my brain was spewing a litany of reasons why I couldn’t do this.

I was too slow. I was too old. I was out of shape.

(Is that even possible at this point in my training? Also, why do I have such a stupid brain?)

When I finally finished I then had to race through the usual getting ready for work routine and still everything seemed to be pissing me off.

Someone was in the bathroom, someone else was using the toaster already, the computer wouldn’t load my run from my watch (this was the point where I realised I had been so exhausted when I got back I had forgotten to even press stop on the timer!!). Then the final straw: just as I was about to walk out the door I accidentally wiped lipstick down the front of my white top.

Gah!!! You all suck! Especially you, Life!!

But THEN, I got outside and it was pouring. Absolutely pissing down. I felt much better. Because the first thing I thought was that at least I didn’t have to run in the rain today.

I cheered up a lot after that. Yeah I know, I’m a real ray of sunshine aren’t I, but bear with me here…

All of a sudden everything seemed to fall back into place and my longest Before Work Run ever resumed its rightful position at the top of my You Did It list for today. Because it IS a bloody great goal to achieve, and I managed it before most people had even woken up.

It reminded me that how we perceive our goals is everything.

Running is not a mindless activity, it is a sport that challenges me mentally almost every time I do it.

It also reminded me how important it is to set mental goals, as well as physical ones. Because although they are the most difficult ones to achieve, I believe they are also the most important.


*Please note – unless I am talking about someone else – if I ever write about how ‘organised’ I am on this blog I am being sarcastic.

Example #236: right this minute I have Dear Hubby bringing me in an emergency foodbag because I was in such a rush this morning I forgot to bring any food in to work and I just don’t think I can survive till 1pm on two pieces of toast and the free coffee in the kitchen!

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