Something I am not very good at…



But sometimes you have no choice, and that was me at the end of this round of marathon training.

I was very unhappy with my finishing time and the resulting injury flare up and wanted nothing more than to get back out on the road straight away and redeem myself.  I was angry at myself for not wanting to run, angry at my body for letting me down and mentally exhausted from pushing myself beyond what was possible at the time. I really wasn’t ready.

 So I’ve just had to take a break, and wait it out.

I had to experience a ‘normal’ life for a few weeks. You know, experience that dreaded feeling that I wasn’t a ‘real’ runner anymore, that I would NEVER run regularly again. To remember all the other things I enjoy doing when I don’t run 8 hours a week (and all the attendant sleeping and recovery hours that go with that sort of training.)

I really needed to remember why I don’t usually enjoy drinking copious amounts of alcohol and going to every party I am invited to.

But most of all, I needed to remember how much I missed running when I didn’t do it.

The reason I needed my break was almost completely mental, not physical. So now that my mind is back on board, it’s time to make the body join in.

My butt injury is all good – the strength is back but I think I’ll be stretching that piriformis muscle regularly for the rest of my life to keep it in check. That and a decent core should keep me all good. Thank god, cause I am SO sick of doing squats. You have no idea!!

 Two things currently on the horizon…

In just over 9 weeks: Two Bays Trail Race

twobays ad

 In May 2014: The Great Ocean Road Marathon (not yet registered, but thinking about it!)


yeah, yeah, I know I said I wasn’t going to enter anything else for a while, but just look at those views!

GOR marathon

How can anyone resist that?

I am currently daydreaming about races, recovering from a rotten cold and warily moving back into regular running, so here’s hoping that

a)      My piriformis holds up and

b)      My mind holds up

 And I will find myself back into my normal routine soon!

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