It’s boring being patient

And I must say I’m pretty sick of it. However I am still calling 2014 the Year of Smart Training.

Patience, persistence, focus.

Plus a little bit of avoiding Facebook because my green eyed monster just can’t stand seeing other people’s posts on all the races and workouts they’re doing while I sit at home trying to feel good about a 15k week.

I am trying to remember that the way to inner happiness lies in competing against myself- not everyone else.

Because any long distance runner knows how frustrating it is to do 3-4k runs when you’re used to calling a 12k trot ‘short’, and that’s what I’ve been doing.  Walk/runs, 3k jogs, taking days off when I feel a twinge. And foam rolling – ooooh the foam rolling!

I’ve been telling myself (sometimes 5 times a day) that strength work is exercise. And swimming. And even walking. Just because it’s Not Running doesn’t mean it’s useless.

I won’t lie, it’s been hard. So I am going to thoroughly enjoy myself now I can safely say things are back on track.

I’ve been back into it for about 8 weeks now, and today was my first hill workout. I’d done a very short speed workout a few weeks back, testing the waters with some 100 and 400mt sprints after a very easy warmup and cool down and all was good, so I carefully upped my base, got myself near 30k for the week then backed off a bit and popped this hill workout into the mix.

And it was fine. No niggles, no twinges, my body did what I wanted it to and didn’t complain afterwards.

Of course I immediately began dreaming about this race:

30-50 challenge

When I should be planning for this race:


Especially when Puffing Billy is in 7 weeks and they haven’t even set a date for the 30/50 challenge yet!

 But hey, go big or go home right?

I am easing some swimming into this week too, and hopefully a bike ride is not far off.

I’m still a bit mentally scarred by last years failures. They shook my confidence more than I would like to admit. But I am learning from my mistakes and, if nothing else, trying to remember how lucky I am that I can do this at all.

When you are obssessed with something it’s easy to think that lots of other people do what you do. There are so many running mags, blogs, races (and bloody Facebook updates!) out there that sometimes I feel everyone is running.

They’re not.

Lots of 40 year olds can’t run at all, even if they wanted to.

I can run, swim, ride, ski, I am healthy. It’s not nothing.

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