Weekly roundup: 11th March – 17th March

Not a bad week just gone:17.03.14 trainingThe best bit about it is that I had a very assorted week while still ending up with a reasonable mileage (~33k total).

The swimming was extremely beneficial. I went on Monday simply because it was a nice sunny public holiday – Labour Day – here in Vic and I wanted to do something with the family, but that’s not really part of the past 7 days anyway.

Then on Wednesday I had done a hill workout that morning – my first in this cycle of training, and I found that the swim really got rid of any leftover ouchies.

I ran home from work for the first time ever on Thursday night. It’s not far, as you can see, but it is VERY hilly, undulating hills, so I was happy just to make it home!

Then I rode into work the next day only to find chaos – half the office were wondering what had happened to me. After discovering my car in the parking lot my boss had spent some time checking I wasn’t still in the office. He jokingly said to me “I thought you must have run home.”

I said “I did run home.”

So now he thinks I’m insane.

Finished off with an unexpected rest day on Saturday, due to a combination of hubby going out and it thunderstorming for the entire time he was here to look after the young ‘un.

At about 5pm I thought stuff it and opened a bottle of champagne and enjoyed the rest of my night.

The Sunday run wasn’t great (why can’t my body cope with alcohol and running anymore? it’s not fair!!!) but I got it done, and today’s run was a little off too, leaving me to conclude I am suffering catch up from my very assorted week last week.

I’ve also done a couple of strength workouts and a fairly consistent lot of foam rolling. All is good for the end of week 2 of Puffing Billy training. (hehe, ‘train’ing).

Oh, and I signed up for Run for the Kids last week too:


I love Run for the Kids. This will be the third time I’ve done it, I think. Quite apart from the fact that two thirds of the entry fee goes to the Royal Children’s Hospital Easter appeal, the course is really cool.

rftk map

As you can see, it winds right through the heart of Melbourne.

We head off through the Domain tunnel and straight down the West Gate Freeway, then over the Bolte Bridge and down along Southbank before coming back into Alexandra Gardens. There’s plenty to look at and having all the traffic blocked off in such a busy area is fun too (sorry all non-running-mad commuters!).

I’ll be trying for a good time for this race, using it as a hard tempo run for Puffing Billy.

I am so excited to be able to look forward to races again, fingers crossed all my little niggles stay as quiet as they have been so far this year!



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