A week in which nothing much happened and I have a rant…

This past week has been uneventful which is a good thing, really. Although it does narrow down the amount of bitching and moaning I can do, haha.

No sign of any niggles, and I had a really strong long run where I accidentally did 17k instead of 15k. 

I seem to be doing this more often lately because I am concentrating on my heart rate, not my mileage, so I never turn it over to the km reading on my Suunto Ambit 2S.

Unfortunately there was absolutely no cross training – unless you count one hour of walking, which I don’t.

I managed two strength workouts, one of which hurt like hell due to the fact I was doing it after my long run, and some desperate – and thank goodness, successful – efforts to do more squats over the rest of the week.

I’ve begun to panic when my strength work doesn’t get done because my core  and glutes are the weakest areas on my body – yeah, yeah I know, insert ‘lazy ass’ joke here – and whenever they get soft, everything else starts coming apart at the seams. As this article puts it, “A weak core is like trying to fire a cannon from a canoe.”

So I’ve kept on top of that canoe, turned it into a plank, or something else similarly sturdy. A bridge maybe.

In other news I’m just about to begin a mini taper for Run for the Kids this Sunday 13th April. As I’ve said before it’s one of my favourite races, so I can’t wait. Although the weather is looking a bit dreary…


My brother is joining me for his first race of the year. He’s been so busy with work he says he hasn’t got above 25k a week in the entire month he’s been training for this. I however am not fooled. I know despite his whinging he will take off from the start line at a 5 min/k pace leaving me in the dust and then later, after he has whipped my butt, he will somehow find a way to remind me that I am SIX years older than him, after all, so what else did I expect?

But it’s a fair call. He is faster and younger and far less of a lush than me, so as usual I will just enjoy the day and forget about trying to beat anyone else.

The reason it is a mini-taper is because Puffing Billy looms less than a month away now, so there’s no time to waste a week getting ready then recovering (another reason I won’t be running too hard on sunday). Therefore tonight will be one last hill rep workout then I’ll just do an easy 5k tomorrow night and rest until Sunday. Maybe some walking if I feel like it/get time.

And now, to the rant part of proceedings. Take a look at the most interesting article I’ve read this week: Why (and how) we need to get more women into ultra running.

In this report one of the issues they address is a problem I have found myself with most of the trail and ultra running blogs out there; that there’s not enough entry-level narratives being told about beginners, or people like me who will never be anywhere near elite. That is, people who never place for their age group, never run insane weekly mileage, never score a sponsorship deal etc etc.

Who is telling the stories of your average Jane Doe, women doing it for the love of it?

Most of the blogs I seem to find entertaining and that are  regularly updated are written by fairly fantastic runners reporting on how they manage the problems of obsessing over a sport that only they will ever really see any benefit from. Yes, of course it’s hard to juggle a full-time job, motherhood and perhaps a marriage with hours of running each week, but at least they win races and break records. That they’re so good at what they do ‘allows’ them to keep doing it.

Please don’t think I am belittling how hard these faster, better runners work. Of course they are out there running for the love of it. When winners cheques rarely move out of the 4 figure range – if you’re lucky – you just can’t be in it for the money! And they must have a lot of trouble juggling family, love and work lives too, but hey, at least their ‘selfishness’ is vindicated occasionally!

What about hearing the same thing from the point of view of women who will never have the satisfaction of winning a race, or even placing in their age group?

The need to prove that even though I have no particular talent at running I am nevertheless ‘allowed’ to pursue this lifestyle is one of the many reasons I started up this blog in the first place.

I think if more women (and men) showed others just how accepting the trail and ultra running communities are, and how really easy it is to get into both sports, more women (and men) would try it!

Anyway  /end rant/. Have a read, it’s a very informative article that gives you the lowdown on some quiet achievers in the field of women’s ultra running – something I think we could all do with hearing more about.

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