Run Drink Sleep Repeat…

…to paraphrase Fatboy Slim.

A few weeks ago I figured out that because Easter break and Anzac day fell within in the same week I could take a judiciously placed 3 days off in between and score myself a 10 day holiday. So I did.

The boss later sarcastically thanked me for causing a mass exodus at work once everyone else in my office figured out what I was up to and decided they wanted in on it too. But that’s another story.

Anyway. Holidays. Boy did I need one. I was so stressed out from trying to juggle everything that I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to party for a week…



…sleep for a week


or both!  Source

When I finally escaped work on the Thursday it was mainly my mind that needed a rest, my legs were A-Okay and itching for an all-out gallop, so I popped down to Rye for a few days and made good use of the lovely bay tracks, all of which were deceptively hilly (well, except for Two Bays, I KNEW that would be hilly!).


My sister joined me for 11k’s at Two Bays – wave for the blog GM…

…and another 9k down along the Rye front beach. I also had a very decent solo 15k run from Rye to Sorrento and back, which was a much harder workout than I expected.

The Melbourne Road to Sorrento is extremely flat, with a few rolling hills. There are footpaths and trails of one sort of another (mostly, anyway, you have to bush-bash a few times) following the road, but the only thing the road and the trail have in common is that they both lead to Sorrento. The trail is pointlessly hilly, seeming to follow every anthill and grassy knoll that’s developed there since the beginning of time.

I’m not really complaining though. As I kept telling myself, it was fantastic training for Puffing Billy next weekend.

I finished off the Easter weekend with a sunset hike down to Diamond Bay with hubby and daughter in tow. IMAG0673


Although we were lucky enough to get a few beautifully warm days, by the time we left winter was truly on its way.

All up I put in 35k over the weekend, and they were decent runs. I did however end most of them with about 1km of walking due to severe stomach cramps.

I don’t know whether the issue was because the water down there doesn’t always sit well with me, or that it was an actual bug of some sort (my daughter had it too, but she is sensitive to the same things as me, so I guess I’ll never know which it was), but even once I was back home it took me 2-3 days to get back to normal.

Every time I ate something I’d have to go the loo for a bit of a long reading session. If you catch my drift.

Anyway, those few days off were lovely too, lots of laying around reading and sleeping in and watching telly. Bliss.

I finally felt well enough to knock out a couple of short, easy runs at the other end of my holiday, but I didn’t push it, and it felt good.

Last week was full of extremes – lots of running, followed by lots of not running. Which in the end was just what I needed, because I came out of my unexpected little holiday nice and refreshed and ready to jump into my next round of marathon training – which, yes, I know I said I would write about that soon, and it’s coming, I promise.

All I can offer for the moment is a sneak peek…

Surfcoast trail marathon

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