The drop-back week


Aaaah, the drop back week. So lazy and boozy…

I really did rest this week, more so than I normally would in a drop back week – I just knew I would need a proper mental break in the middle of all this. So only a few short (10k and under) runs early in the week and then a long run of 19k on Saturday.
It was a blast to not have to worry about pace or pushing myself, I took it nice and easy the whole way.

gardiners creek

The day was perfect.

gardiners creek 2

But as you can see it was asphalt the whole way and BOY did my legs let me know about it.

I’ve been running mainly on trails for the last few weeks. Nothing technical, but all gravel or dirt, apart from my shortest runs which are on asphalt. I had no problems with putting one foot in front of the other this last long run, but on the way home my ankles started to ache, which they never do, and my right calf muscle began to twinge and whinge. So I slowed right down and concentrated on making my form as perfect as possible and just made it home.

I foam rolled and massaged and stretched, and there’s nothing to indicate I’ve done any damage, but OUCH, I’ve never noticed such a massive difference before. Back to as many trails as possible for me from now on, asphalt sucks!

I recently discovered Winner’s gels no longer add caffeine to their mix and that’s a deal breaker for me. I love coffee, and the effects of caffeine. Taking it out of the equation is not going to make me a happy customer.


Gimme ALL the caffeine!!

no freinds coffee

Seriously, hand it over.

I’ve tried Clif shots but think they are gross texture-wise, way too thick, so they’re out.
Clif bars can stay, they’re yum, and perfect for an after run snack when I am not hungry but must eat to refuel in that all-important 30 minute post-exercise recovery window.

Since this run was to be so easy and ‘short’ I took the opportunity to trial a new brand of gels (and yes, the beet juice is back!).


Taste Test Results
Vanilla – excellent, sweet but not too sweet
Espresso love – it tastes like coffee so need I say more?
Peanut Butter – this tasted JUST like PB, but the texture is nothing like PB.
I found that…off-putting, but you may not.

Gu energy gels may just be my new go-to brand. They have a huge range of flavours and caffeine amounts, including the option of none at all, and no matter the taste they don’t have any aftertaste, which is really important to me. Also, I have had zero stomach problems with them so far. I do want to give them a go on a very hard workout (which is when GI issues with fuelling often rear their ugly head) which I haven’t done yet, before I can say for sure they are coming with me to the Surfcoast Trail Marathon.

Anyway, after almost 20k of trotting I eased into a quick epsom salts bath then it was off to my daughter’s choir concert, over to a friend’s house to catch up with her and her new bub and then to another friends place for a surprise 50th. I made it to 11:30pm before flaking, which is quite a feat for me, and whether it was due to too many drinkies or not enough water, Sunday was spent nursing my delicate head.

Not the best way to recover, I know, but my weekend ‘off’ helped a lot mentally.

This week it all ramps up again, peaking in a 35k long run on saturday. Then another highish week the next week, ending in a 28k long run. After that, if I manage to make it that far, we head into Taper Town. Wooooowooo!!

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