Why I run

What if I told you there was a magic pill you could take that would let you eat whatever you wanted but would stop you wanting to eat junk all the time?

That made you look leaner, stronger and more elegantly proportioned, yet stopped you worrying about what you looked like?

That made you feel badass and invincible and way, way cooler than you had any right to, yet stopped you worrying about what others thought of you?

What if, in short, you could go from feeling unhealthy, unlovely and underconfident, to the exact opposite, just by taking this one pill?

You wouldn’t believe me. I wouldn’t believe me.

You know I’m not talking about a pill at all. I am talking about running.

Technically it could be any sport, I suppose. Skiing, swimming, cycling. It doesn’t matter. But I am assuming you are interested in what running specifically can do for you, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

And all those things are what running did for me

I went from thinking I was lazy and had no discipline, to being able to motivate myself enough to train for not one but 5 marathons, and numerous other races too.

I decided to start my own blog because I couldn’t find anything that quite covered where I’m at in my running journey, and I thought it might cover where some other readers are at too.

You see, I’m not some high school cross country running prodigy who slobbed around in her 20’s then decided to ‘get fit’ and is now sponsored by Salomon and training for the Olympics.

But neither am I at the beginning of my fitness story. I’m not overweight, unfit, or coming out of a pregnancy. I’m not sick, or unable to run for any reason, so the whole starting from scratch fitness blogs don’t suit me either.

I fit somewhere on the spectrum between those two generic blog people.

If you’re interested in my story, and how I went from being a 20-something smoker with no idea what I wanted in life, to a 40-something planning to run 100k or further, then read on – you can find out with me, cause I’m not so sure how that’s going to happen either!

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