Old Year’s Resolutions

Today’s post was going to be a huge whinge about I’d been sick AGAIN, and how HARD it has been getting back into shape in time for Two Bays which is only SIX WEEKS AWAY, but I nearly put myself into a coma trying to write it.

The past few weeks have been crap and hard and boring and it turns out to be no more fun to write about than it was to live through.

So tl;dr – I was sick, for aaaaages, throat infection, bad cold, it gave me the shits.

The end.

We’re done here, let’s move on to something much more fascinating.

Training after I got better was kickstarted by one of my most successful methods of getting back into a routine; The Streak.

I use this when I haven’t run for a few weeks and am feeling the awful pull of inertia.

cat couch

When I’m deep in training I already have a solid month or two of runs behind me and am building up to race day, so my alarm going off at 5am is normal, I don’t really question it.
I don’t think of going back to sleep, or that I can’t be bothered. I know it’s worth it, it feels worth it, so I do it, even when I am tired.
Not so after a break.
Then it seems pointless and unpleasant, like spitting into the wind. The satisfaction of completing that first run does not even begin to outweigh the effort involved in doing it.

So I do The Streak.

I simply plan to run every single day for a pre-determined period of time, and I don’t question that. By the time the week, or 10 days or two weeks or whatever is up, I am back in The Zone, and glad to be there.

The last two weeks of November were devoted to getting as many small or short workouts in as possible, for as many days in a row as possible.

4k, 5k, walk/runs, swimming, it was all good as long as I did SOMETHING as many days as possible.

dec runsnov runs

As you can see my legs came back to life reasonably quickly. I was pleasantly surprised at that 22k run last Saturday. The last 2k weren’t pretty but I felt great for a lot of the other sections.

As for my training? Well around this time of year I usually become a drinker with a running problem. From December on my ‘training’ can look a bit schizophrenic.

But this year I am not sure it will be the same, because I am really really missing my running – maybe even more than I enjoy a bevvy or two during party season.

Without getting all emotional and soppy on you, I’ve got to say that after a particularly difficult year I have more reason than ever to be grateful to running for its ability to make me feel strong, capable and clear headed, even when life is making me feel sad, weak and confused.

When something gives you that much it’s not really asking a lot to look after it in return, is it?

But how to deal with the parties? The extra stress of holiday season? The huge amount of free food and booze available?

One of my favourite blogs, No Meat Athlete, has an idea I really like and it involves getting a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions.

I think this idea works even better here in Australia where we are coming up to the peak of summer.

When it’s 30 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, who really wants to stay inside eating huge amounts of food and laying around on the couch drinking eggnog? Not me! I want to get down the beach, get in the pool, run, ride, go on picnics and generally get outside as much as possible.

Of course I am still going to drink my champagne, and eat my advent calendar chocolates – I’m just going to try and squeeze in some healthier stuff too.

That way, when it gets to New Year’s Day, 2016, I am going to wake up feeling better than I did in 2015.
Well, a girl can dream can’t she??










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